The Human Story

This website is the result of several years of sharing a way of life in our uncertain world with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. This way reduces fear, suffering, and darkness and enables us to face difficulty with equanimity and grace. It has its foundation in awareness of – and constant calibration with – the eternal light of the soul within us, which is the source of all life.

Awareness of eternal cosmic light will dispel much human discontent and provide hope that is beyond the limitations of birth and death. Our way goes beyond temporary notions of good and bad to reveal and revel in glorious divine presence – the purpose of human life.

Head and Heart

The answers to the five questions of Who, What, Where, When and Why are both earthly and heavenly, temporary and perpetual, changing and constant. You are alive because of your soul. You are on this earth to complete your experience of inseparability from the source of life and consciousness. The earth is like a divine nursery for human consciousness to stretch from the physical and material to the infinite and eternal. The completion of evolution is to acknowledge the mind and go beyond it to the original source of life, via the heart.

We deal with dualities all the time and are reconciled when we recognize the unity at our origin and final destination. We are middle people caught within space and time, experiencing beginnings and ends, birth and death. We are always in-between. This knowledge can be experienced by transcending the mind and senses. The heart and soul are the seat of this realisation; total honesty the means by which we arrive.

The divine source is the cause of all and is
ever present at heart.