The ultimate human reference and duty in life is to respect and have reverence for all life and every manifestation of it.

Karbala is an oasis near the Euphrates and, as a child, it seemed to me that my family had been there forever. I grew up in a most pleasant home environment with a seasonal flow of visitors, including many who were on their way to Mecca. The comfort and ease of life in Karbala was such that I had no inclination to leave my home for further studies, but destiny always prevails. Travelling to the U.K. for university was a great cultural shock, though one inevitably adjusts to changing circumstances. I enjoyed my professional life in the oil industry until I was challenged to discover essential meaning.

With appropriate evaluation and self awareness I could easily see through the fallacy of contentment with outer wealth and security. This subconscious questioning was brought to the surface by meeting people from different cultures, who had pursued self discovery and awakening to the Real. I was fortunate to have witnessed that the same tradition and quest had existed within Muslim communities, but they had to leave the mainstream of organised religion under the disguise of Sufis and other quietist movements.

My interest in what is real and eternal grew from my early thirties until I was completely caught in that obsession. I now know there is one universal, eternal and infinite Truth, which has been referred to by numerous religions and cultures throughout the ages by different names. Human discord, enmity and warfare are expressions of discontentment, anger and unhappiness and are due to the lower self, which is the shadow of the divine soul. You can only be durably at peace within yourself if you know you are in reality an eternal soul and the self is its earthly shadow. Our website tries to share this Truth.

To accept natural human limitations and boundaries is the first step towards awareness of the boundless within us—our soul or spirit.