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The nature of the mind is to separate and differentiate, whereas - in truth - everything is linked and connected. The time we are living in connects philosophy, science and spirituality perfectly.

Zahra Publications has been publishing books on Islam and Sufism since 1981. Dedicated to disseminating the original teachings of Islam through contemporary and classical works alike, Zahra Publications titles lay particular emphasis on spiritual and transformative teachings.

Islam reflects the constant compassion and presence of the Divine Light. In these crucial times, more than ever before, Muslims and seekers of a life lived with integrity and harmony need to renew their knowledge and awaken to the original Prophetic path.

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Differentiated Sameness

We are pleased to announce the first Audiobook by Zahra Publications:

Differentiated Sameness
A Collection of Sufi Poems

This book of poetry by Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri talks about the human journey on earth, moving from low, basic sentiency toward the highest level of consciousness. From childhood on we are challenged to witness, experience, and choose what is better for our happiness. With awakening, we discover that, in truth, there is no differentiation or separation as everything is still contained within absolute, unitive reality. Oneness is the only truth and the process of differentiating between what is good and what is not is like coming across milestones along that path. We differentiate in order to be content with the connectedness that leads to essential, original oneness. Human consciousness links the infinite unseen with finite sensory experiences.

These poems are like flags, held in a language of light brush strokes, indicating transitions between the boundless and the limited, within and beyond time and space, flying on a temple which reminds us of our transitory earthly journey and how magnificent it is if we are aware of timeless grace.

This book is unique in that it has been narrated by Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri, so it carries a special timbre and resonance.


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