Hope and Duty

We are creatures between dense darkness and cosmic light. Our median position gives us the advantage of witnessing Reality in its fullness.

Consciousness and life began with the beginning of Creation, as far as we can tell. It’s only in the last few thousand years or so that human beings have become more aware of awareness. We have evolved considerably in terms of our intelligence and reflectiveness and, as a result of this, we now can say that we are increasingly conscious of the dualities we each experience.

There is very basic, day-to-day, “normal” consciousness, which has to do with survival, growth, well-being, health and balance. This is limited by, and exists within, space and time. However, this consciousness emanates from Supreme, or Pure, Consciousness, which is beyond the mind’s comprehension. Each one of us contains both the “particle” of a personal identity - the so-called I - that is given life and consciousness by the “wave”: which is cosmic and beyond any limitation.

My duty as a human being is towards myself. I have to recognise that I must respond to limited consciousness - to pain, danger, well-being or any physical, mental or emotional state which arises. However, I equally need to be in touch and calibrate constantly with the infinite state of Light or Consciousness in my own soul.

I have a duty towards myself to see the Oneness behind dualities. The good and the bad; the up and the down; the temporary and the long-lasting: all of these dualities emanate from and return to unity. So, my first duty is to put all these into the proper perspective. Anything that has come will also go; any pain will also vanish; any need will also end, either by satisfaction or disappointment. I have to see the One source from which all dualities emanate, to which it is also their destiny to return. This is a most fundamental issue in life.

The second most important duty I have is to realise that I am looking, longing, hoping, and praying for the best destiny. Life has moved, over millions of years, from being based on fear to now desiring hope. But what is it that I hope for? The destiny I am leading towards is that of Pure, Supreme, Soul or Spirit Consciousness. Once I know that life is actually not mine, but is eternal, perpetual and boundless and that my life is not separate from that life, then I begin to see glimpses of the Truth: that my soul is eternal. It will not die with the death of the body and the mind.

This is the hope we are looking for. This is the most perfect, delightful destiny that we can hope to experience. It can be experienced while still alive. If not, everyone will experience it after death. The only difference is that, after death, your soul may be encumbered by the miseries you have carried through your life. These have to be sorted out, which is the meaning of hell and heaven. If you have cleared your accounts here and now, then you slip straight into the next zone of consciousness after leaving the encumbrance of the body and mind behind.

These are the two issues:

  • This life is experienced through dualities.
  • Life itself is the eternal Light of Oneness, which is within every heart provided you can get to that heart without all the mess we accumulate in our short lives.
The challenge of life is to learn and read the maps of dualities and how all opposites balance and neutralize each other. What is real is original Oneness—Ever perfect.