Infinite and Eternal

The soul is beyond any changes that the self experiences. To live as a soul in the moment leads to experiencing the pure thrill of life.

All souls have emerged from a zone of consciousness or reality which is infinite and eternal. We each carry a deep memory of this, which drives all human beings to return. Wealth, power, knowledge, safety, security and all other desirable states emanate from that zone. To realise boundlessness and timelessness, the earthly transit experience is a necessary prelude. Our life on earth provides us with the experiences of the physical motherly womb and the boundaries and limitations of space and time.

Our real duty and responsibility is to practice transcending all limitations so that we may return to our boundless origin in preparation for the hereafter where the natural, physical barriers and limits of the body and space are gone. The most common human concern, both personal and collective, is to have a good future and destiny. We ought to be prepared for, and familiar with, that final state. For most people, death is a sad and regretful event, but for those on the path of awakening it is the ultimate celebration and a welcome opening to the boundlessness of your own soul.

Your present life is a brief prelude to experiencing perpetual life after death.

We are all driven to experience goodness at every moment and that implies witnessing perfection. Often there are two levels of perfection, one is when the desired outcome is achieved and the other is intrinsic perfection: nothing ever occurs unless it declares perfection, even though we describe that state as chaotic or imperfect. Look at it dispassionately and you will be in awe.

It is unavoidable to develop and evolve with skills and abilities which lead to a personal identity and individuality. However, Reality encompasses all the known and unknown states of consciousness. To rise or expand into more subtle levels of awareness, it is necessary to transcend identity and individuality. Locality is a mere sample of universality. The micro and the macro are inseparable and Oneness is an aspect of wholeness and total connectedness. Superficially, we distinguish between the observer and observed. In reality, they are part of the same One.

All experience reflects cosmic reality through the process of participative emergence.

God's light governs the cosmos and an aspect of it is the cause of the soul. Rather than pretending to be a godling, give in totally to the flow of that governance. The way out is the way in and that means do your best and trust in the rest.

The light of supreme consciousness declares itself as the reason.