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The Universality of the Human Quest

By observing otherness and difference with insight and reflection, we may know and experience the essence of sameness and Oneness.

Information and Transformation

Personal consciousness evolves when the senses, mind and body interact with the outer world and ‘make sense’ out of events and situations. The mind develops by investigating cause and effect, and the connection between new experiences and events with past memory and knowledge. The self needs to exchange news and information, transmit and receive feelings and evaluations, in order to evolve further in consciousness. The human urge to push the boundaries of possibilities further into the unknown is constant. The ‘sky is the limit’ is a natural human tendency, for we are both earthly (limited in personal consciousness) and heavenly (boundless pure consciousness). Thus, the sky is not the limit; it is the prelude to higher and endless ‘skies’.

Today’s vast quantities of available information present a challenge and opportunity as to how best to utilise this wealth of data and information for the sake of inner transformation. Transformation implies transcending self images, the rational mind and the discernable world towards pure consciousness, beyond all specific, tangible realities and experience. This drive motivates the search for perfection in all worldly situations but it is frustrating at the same time, for our natural world is subject to change and unpredictability. Thus we seek perfection always (where the state of the soul is) and can never attain it for any duration.

Personal suffering is the result of distractions in the self’s hesitant progress towards inner realization, fulfilment and contentment. The self always desires states and experiences that are not realistic or sustainable in the changing world of space-time. Every self innately aspires for the qualities of the soul and thus can only be content after submitting to the soul’s boundless light and higher consciousness. Freedom, as such, is a by-product of unity between the head and heart, self and soul. The soul is ever free and the self is ever restless in its search.

Human growth and evolvement is enhanced as we respond to facts and information by reference to rationality as well as higher consciousness.