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Specific Conversations

Connection and continuation are dominant in human consciousness —at all stages of life and existence.

The Tripod

A series of interviews conducted by Richard Eskow with Shaykh Fadhlalla on "The Tripod", which consists of:

  1. Be Accountable

    • Nothing is ever missed
    • Be Present
    • Be sure your actions are as good as your accountability.
  2. Witness everything that emerges as perfect. Park your judgement and you will see the perfection of all. Things are as they are.

  3. Know that nothing in this existence ever goes unnoticed. The akhira is here and now. This life is merely a prelude, and independence is an illusion. There is nothing other than The One.

The Tripod brings you to the instant. The perfect infinitude of this moment. That is the springboard for the first talk.

“Whatever you’re doing, know that it has equal and opposite cause and effect, action and reaction. Nothing ever escapes, so you need to be truly accountable, responsible, and aware that nothing ever is missed. So (be) present, present, present, in the moment. Do what you like to do, whatever you can do that’s helpful, but be sure that your action is as good as your accountability for people growing back to where they came from or to discover their own goals”.

In Conversation... with Shaykh Fadhlalla

A unique live talk, moderated by Muna Bilgrami.

Dr John Demartini