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Uncommon Dialogues

To be in balance physically, mentally, and spiritually, we need to listen and respond with healing affection.

This page presents a collection of uncommon dialogues between Shaykh Fadhlalla and a wide array of friends, including Dr Adnan Al-Adnani, Saadi Dr Neil Douglas Klotz, Dr Ali Allawi, Professor Sadiyya Shaikh, Syed Haider Mehdi, Ambassador Professor Akbar Ahmed, Prof. Alexander Schieffer, Amir Freiman, and Matthew Green. The conversations cover a broad range of topics: from human drives and the meaning of a fulfilled life, to the Qur'an, Sufi Cosmology, and all the various encounters between.

Sufi Cosmology Of Life

The purpose of human life is complete when total harmony between body, mind and heart is attained and experienced.

Sufi Encounters

We ask when, why, and how life began. Plausible answers transcend the intellect and causality. They are heart-felt.

This section includes four conversations with Syed Haider Mehdi, most of which revolve around themes presented in Shaykh Fadhlalla's book "Sufi Encounters".

Clear Insight

The more insight we have, the greater will be our foresight.

This section includes a conversation with Shaykh Saadi Dr. Neil Douglas Klotz, many discussions with Amir Freiman, and dialogues with Professor Omid Safi, Syed Haider Mehdi, and Haji Mustafa Ali.

Divine Humanity

Every human reflects the story of the universe. However, life itself has no beginning or end. The divine is eternal.

Living Faith

We make allowance for our earthly limitations whilst evolving towards our origin—boundless life.

Ubudiya and Ruhaniyya

Personal awareness of life is the starting point of experiencing life in its infinite boundless reality.

Shaykh Fadhlalla's discussions with Dr Adnan Al-Adnani continue in a section of their own, entitled Living Qur'an.

The Eternal Path